Bill Yob - Leader, Drummer
Bill grew up in a musical family.  He started playing drums at the age of 4.  Bill credits his dad in getting him started with Polka music.  His father was the leader and drummer of the "Swing Kings", a Polish band playing all types of music from the Lehigh Valley area for over 40 years.  Through middle school and high school, Bill studied with two accomplished drummers from the Lehigh Valley; Earl G. Blackburn, Professor at Moravian College and Ronnie Reiterman. 

Before starting Mountain Xpress, Bill began subbing professionally with the Swing Kings at the age of 17.  After high school, Bill played with The Polkateers for 13 years also subbing with various bands including; Walt Groller, Jimmy Soldridge and The Happy Yanks, Skeeter and the Memory Makers, and The Classics.  Bill went on to play with The Jolly Joe Timmer Orchestra and also subbing with many bands including: The Al Mexiner Trio, Emil Shanta Band, Plus Five Orchestra from NY, Schwarzenegger Connection from NY, Die Spitzbuam NY, John Stevens DoubleShot, The Alex Meixner Band, Kapella Fellas, and Johnny Koenig.

In 2012, Bill met Andrej Toplisek from Slovenia on-line and together they recorded a CD, "It's Time For Jazz" which went on to hit the charts in Slovenia.

Bill has also worked on other recording projects and he plays many styles of music including Classic Rock, Oldies, Jazz, Country, Latin, and Ethnic. 

Glenn Dydak - Sax, Clarinet, Vocals
Glenn Dydak has been playing the sax, clarinet, and flute since the age of 6.  Glenn grew up playing with his five brothers and sisters in the wedding circuit.  He was first chair All Catholic every year through High School, was in the Philadelphia All City Jazz band and had the pleasure of performing with saxophonists like Grover Washington and Jimmy Heath.  Through the years you might have seen him perform with groups like Don’t Call Me Francis, Bandstand, David Christopher Band, Gruve Time, High Energy, Philly Brass & Electric, Sector 7, East Coast Riviera, Dydak Diamonds, TKO , Polka Family Band, John Gura, Jimmy Sturr, Crab Town Sound, Joe Weber, and John Koenig.  Moreover he’s had the great honor of being nominated for a Grammy back in ‘2008.  Glenn loves the excitement of live entertainment !!!!!
Mountainxpress dave
Dave Betz - Accordian, Vocals
Dave started playing the accordian when he was 8-years-old.  In his later years he played solo and with the Happy Polkateers.  He has many years experience with rock, polkas, and country
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